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Published: 2011
The Impact of a Christian Values Program on Economic Outcomes in the Philippines
Published: 2018 Author:Gharad T. Bryan, James J. Choi, and Dean Karlan
Integral, Inspirational and Influential
Published: 2017 Author:Lucie Woolley
JLI GBV Hub Webinar slides- Feb 2018
Published: 2018 Author:JLI w/ Drs Lisa le Roux and Brenda Bartelink
Localizing Response to Humanitarian Need Conference Summary
Published: 2018 Author:Coordinating Editor: Olivia Wilkinson, PhD
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Published: 2017 Author:Hilary Cornish (Christian Aid), Jude Fransman (Open University) and Kate Newman (Christian Aid)
Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) project
Published: 2017 Author:Anglican Overseas Aid
JLI Interview with Nicta Lubaale & Lincoln Lau Collaboration Summary
Published: 2017
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Published: 2017
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Published: 2017 Author:Develpment in Practice
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Published: 2017 Author:Jill Olivier
Behind closed doors Report- Churches Together in England
Published: 2017 Author:Revd Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford, Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking
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