Date(s) - 11/12/2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Purpose of the Training:

While science has provided the data behind what needs to change to mitigate the climate crisis, it is the role of our cultural institutions to move people into action. There has been a glaring gap of moral leadership on climate change, however this is finally changing. Faith communities and their leaders play a uniquely important role in shifting hearts, minds and the broader culture, which is a key precursor to systemic change. We are seeing millions of people of faith waking up and moving off their cushions, rising from their pews into action. Our faith and spiritual practices give us the moral courage to turn towards great challenges, not away from them, and to profoundly change our societies. People of faith have done so before when there was a moral call to action, and we do so now. This is the time for bold transformation. GreenFaith is building this transformative climate movement by organizing people of faith and spirit, bridging them with scientists and activists on the frontlines of climate justice. Lets join forces.

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