Aeysha Chaudry (CFCG), Alberto Andretta (Catholic Relief Services), Charlotte Flowers, Chloé Quanrud & LaurenAsfour (Tearfund), Deborah Hancox (Stellenbosch University), Lincoln Lau (International Care Ministries), Jael Dharam Sing (BMS World Mission), Jonathan Wiles (Living Waters), Neelam Fida (Islamic Relief), Olivia Wilkinson (Trinity), Seamus O’Leary (Misean Cara), Jean Duff & Stacy Nam (JLI)

Co-chairs: Catriona Dejean (Tearfund), Christo Greyling and Andrea Kaufmann (World Vision International)

Key Actions are

  • Hub Members: Start tightening Case Studies (send comments by 5/30)
    • Please review ppt on google drive; please feel free to make comments directly in the presentation as it is on google drive
  • Hub Members: Review and strengthen the talking points
  • Get additional case studies

    Hub: how we are learning from the evidence

  • Hub co-chairs: host webinars focusing on MLFC member material to start
  • Leadership & members: increase academic participation and review
  • Localisation of Humanitarian Aid Forum call for abstracts by 5/12
  • All: Join the JLI as a member (JLI has a new membership system and any new members and current members have not signed up are encouraged to join here)


(Sri Lanka Oct 16-19)

  • Update from Aeysha ; Call for abstracts until May 12
  • Dates for decision on program will be forthcoming in June
  • Olivia: Abstract example – Pastors in Disasters case study Philippines
  • how will we present the MLFC hub, abstracts and case studies submitted by members of the hub


Talking points and PowerPoint Discussion

Are these tools useful for members? Any case studies to submit?

Member Feedback:

  • Christo: Need to focus not only on number & scale, but credible impact and outcomes evidence; also who is the audience?
  • Mobilization of LFC Learning Hub: How can the hub advance the overall quality of information and show the change that can occur when mobilizing local faith actors
  • Mobilizing faith actors work is an enabling and social change process; hard to show how this can be attributed to the change; not always in easily quantified ways
  • What can members contribute to quality of evidence and type of evidence around this theme? Additional case studies?
    • OIAC & ICM: within hub partnership on evidence; Lincoln traveled to Nairobi- good way to cross pollinate ideas; agri programs through local churches; could share the Philippines data collection methods and adapt for E Africa
    • NIFAA
    • COH—academic process ..think tank..what do we have where should we be moving ?
  • Catriona: especially within Tearfund, staff have been focusing on type and quality of evidence
  • Action: Members to use the talking points as a scope of work. Hub will take up strengtheningUse at JLI meeting in Sri Lanka
  • Deborah: first meeting, good to hear about the hub, will consider how to contribute
  • Lauren: how to communicate the ability to learn from past experience, especially those that did not turn out quite right – showcase in ppt


  • Follow up on the webinars idea and other ways of hub engagement – Christo
    • Hold a webinar about quality of evidence and what would be good quality
    • Take some of best evidence and have series of webinars focusing on each case
  • Summarise and agree way forward – Catriona, Christo
    • Next steps: start with case studies and offer as a webinar for all to participate
    • Send feedback on ppt and talking points via google drive by 5/30

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